How Do We Rehearse?

Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir has over 150 members now and is one of the most established premier choirs in England and are preferred by many audiences. Our main building is the Wakefield Cathedral.

We have the worlds top most orchestra and renowned artists from across England. Our Choir is led by our president Dr Andrew Padmore. We always look forward to performing in most essential events across England. We wish to enhance our reach, reputation in early music, jazz, classical and contemporary music. We look forward to reaching all around England, and we are updating our songbooks now. We do our regular rehearsing of songs at our base location which is the main building in Wakefield Cathedral. Our entire choir gathers there after the Sunday mass to practice the songs for the next Sunday mass. In case we have an event coming up in other locations, we assemble a week thrice before the event to practice for the event. Our entire choir is very supportive and friendly.

Some small events are presented by our choir of the top 24 singers who meet up twice a week to practice before the events. Our favourite music is taken from classical and popular standards to enhance and adorn each special occasion. You might be familiar with our top songs if you are a frequent guest to our major events. Mr Thomas Steven is our musical director who composes music for most of the events. Tom Moore accompanies him as well. Most of our events are harmonised with whooshes, praises and bangs from the audience. Our choir practices too good to adorn each event with success and without any interruptions. Dr Andrew is behind everything. Almost every event we promise and provide a mixture of songs, emotions, exciting team singing and solo performance too. Do join us in the upcoming New Year event at our main cathedral building without fail. It is open for all to experience the blessings and gratitude praises of our previous year.