Events by Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir

Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir does the events in their main building is the Wakefield Cathedral. We give about seven choirs each year. We also do choirs in other venues like Leeds townhall, Leeds Music College and Dewsbury. Recently we appeared in BBC radio and television and the Classic FM in England.

Over the years we have made three commercial DVD recording for our choir lovers. Our choir has gone around six world tours for regular performances. We have the worlds top most orchestra, and renowned artists from across England and the choir is led by our president Dr Andrew Padmore. We always look forward to performing in most essential events across England.

Upcoming Events

  • Christmas carols at Wakefield cathedral on December 25, 2018. Just a few more tickets left. Pick them today. We are looking forward to meeting and celebrate with you all on the Christmas day! It is going to be the biggest Christmas feast for all of you. It will be a night to remember with a beautiful setting.
  • New Lights through old Windows concert on the New year eve at our main building in Wakefield cathedral on January 1, 2019. Let us join and enter the new year 2019 with praises to the mighty and seeking for his blessings.
  • Corporate concert by the full Yorkshire Philharmonic choir at The ABM Technologies Inaugural on January 2, 2019. We will be performing the famous songs of our choir at this event. Do join us.
  • Interview of Dr Andrew Padmore in BBC Radio will be broadcasted on January 10, 2019. It is about how we started the choir, the events we have done, about rehearsals and activities planned for the year 2019.
  • Our performance for next year is A Baroque feast and we look forward to your presence. You can book your tickets on our website. Book your dates April2, 2019 for us. Looking forward to seeing you all!